Connect remote patients with top clinical care


It is difficult to get sophisticated medical care in remote areas. Primary healthcare centers in far flung communities are typically equipped to handle basic medical needs. Quite often, a patient may require more specialized urgent care than what is available on-site, making access to telemedicine a must. Thuraya offers anyone – anywhere – immediate access to face-to-face communication with medical practitioners at the best hospitals and clinics worldwide.

We facilitate secure patient data capture, vital signs monitoring, consultation and treatment under the direct virtual guidance of specialists.

Relief organizations, NGOs and government agencies can enhance their health missions with telemedicine solutions over Thuraya’s satellite network, enabling first responders in target zones to save more lives with fast and efficient real-time patient-to-doctor communication.

While fully geared to meet emergency telemedicine requirements, the solutions can also be used by remote personnel for regular check-ups with specialists in order to compensate for in-person meetings.

Your life matters to Thuraya, wherever you may be.