Tetra over Satellite or Radio over Satellite

Robust radio communication systems in a jiffy

TETRA over Satellite or Radio over Satellite

Catering to a diverse range of communication requirements and channels, Thuraya partners with trusted brands to deliver comprehensive radio solutions via our satellite network.

Thuraya enables remote radio networks and push-to-talk radios to be unified with cellular or fixed lines, facilitating real-time, encrypted, optimized and direct voice and data communication to operations rooms or other networks within our extensive coverage area - beyond line-of-sight and across land and sea. These Radio over Satellite or Radio over IP (ROIP) solutions are easy to deploy and manage as they can be operated remotely and may often be left unattended, making them ideal for communication in harsh environments.

Government agencies, large enterprises, military, and NGOs greatly benefit from Thuraya’s radio solutions as they also have the flexibility of using their mobile radios or TETRA systems by easily linking them with Thuraya’s broadband terminals for swift two-way voice connectivity and deployment ease in city-wide operations.