Tetra over Satellite or Radio over Satellite

Robust radio communication systems in a jiffy


VoIP: Enabling secure, cost efficient calls, fax and data for your network
Vocality delivers cost efficient and secure calls, fax as well as data for your organization which includes communications support for your field members, no matter where they are.
Together with the Thuraya IP/IP+ terminal, V150 (voice and data multiplexer), the V50 and BASICS, the Vocality solution offers a customized, yet simplified approach in the deployment of networking, voice and IP solutions. Depending on the size of your organization’s network and its requirements, Vocality V150 can be deployed at your headquarters with a mixture of BASICS and V50 deployed in the field. Each Vocality device provides a number of ports for connection – either to an IP WAN such as a satellite modem or over a local fiber optic connection for local reachback. Designed for applications where efficiency is critical – power, space or bandwidth – Vocality provides customized applications for operational challenges in system deployment.

Watch video:  WAN Optimization over satellite, with PACE by Vocality


RoIP: Enabling radio services over IP network

Vocality's BASICS Radio Relay can allow a Thuraya IP or Thuraya IP+ to become enabled as a remote radio base station. It allows up to 4 radios to be connected into IP infrastructure. By combining these two, a user can have a rapid deployment solution for radio networks, or to allow different radio networks to be joined together via satellite.

In addition, because BASICS Radio Relay interconnects radios with SIP-based voice networks, it can be used in conjunction with SIP servers such as Asterisk, or into radio network media servers.

Watch video: BASICS Radio Relay to extend and connect radio networks


ISDN over IP

Vocality provides Thuraya users with the proven platform for delivering ISDN services over Thuraya IP terminals. Some users require ISDN for encryption devices, video conferencing or audio feeds, and with the addition of one of Vocality's V50plus units, several concurrent bearers of ISDN can be delivered over a single Thuraya terminal.





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