Tracking & Monitoring

Instant data collection from remote assets

Tracking & Monitoring

Thuraya understands the requirements of our customers and appreciates the importance of delivering quick connectivity between assets and command centers for high-priority and/or widespread operations. The Marine, Military, Relief, Energy, and Enterprise sectors specifically take advantage of such technologies, as it is imperative for missions within these fields to keep a constant communication link between remote or spread out devices, vehicles and vessels.

Thuraya makes available advanced tracking and M2M data applications through third-party suppliers that use its global L-band satellite network to provide remote monitoring capabilities beyond the reach of terrestrial coverage. Merchant shipping, fishing, Government, Navy, Coast Guard and leisure users can enable vessel or fleet tracking and activity monitoring to keep up-to-date with remote cargo and equipment, navigation charts, arrival and departure information, fuel quality, ballast water procedures, and more. For civil defense, border patrolling, on-the-move and remote operations, Thuraya gathers instant information, including voice and HD video data, from multiple assets worldwide to HQs in order to swiftly deploy resources, efficiently communicate instructions, foster mission success and promote the safety of personnel.

Furthermore, our very own satellite phones are equipped with navigation capabilities that allow users to easily send SOS signals with automatic tracking data to emergency centers or pre-defined numbers in case of an unforeseen event.

With Thuraya, you’ll stay on a steady course with your detailed operation plans, however extensive it is.