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Based in the United States, DigiGone is a software development and hardware integration company specializing in encrypted software-based communication and security solutions that are portable, easy-to-use and cost-effective. The DigiGone collaboration tool is used by international military, government agencies, as well as global shipping companies. DigiGone is a business unit of Diginonymous.

Using satellite or terrestrial wireless links, DigiMed kits enable real-time teleconferencing, such as face-to-face consults between a doctor and a patient to take place.

DigiMed is a secure patient electronic data capture, a remote monitoring and support telemedicine care system, which provides safe and effective care at the scene of an emergency and offers 'real time' decision support.

DigiMed telemedicine kits are ideal for ships, private yachts, business jets, offshore oil platforms, mining or logging operations, international relief and aid organizations, law enforcement and government agencies. When used with commercial satellite networks like Thuraya, the coverage area is virtually worldwide.

How does it work over the Thuraya IP network?

When used behind any Thuraya broadband terminal (Thuraya IP+, IP, IP Voyager, Orion IP, Atlas IP), DigiMed can provide a reliable communication channel (text, audio, video, real-time patient data) beyond the coverage of terrestrial networks. An internet connection can be established by using an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi from any Thuraya broadband terminal.


DigiMed is user-friendly and can be used on a low internet bandwidth. It provides a secure, flexible platform that can be customized according to the nature of your business. The DigiMed kit works across Thuraya’s satellite broadband for medical consultation requirements. 


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