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Librestream Onsight

Reaching beyond terrestrial networks to value add

The Thuraya Librestream Onsight solution goes beyond traditional video conferencing rooms to connect field workers in challenging environments remotely. Powered by Thuraya IP or Thuraya IP+ together with Librestream Onsight and Librestream Onsight Connect, the solution enables field workers to communicate with customers, back office operations and also subject matter experts to resolve or discuss any issues immediately.


The Onsight Connect solution is comprised of three main components:

- Onsight Connect service platform includes software designed for the iPhone, iPad, PC and Onsight mobile devices

- Librestream’s Onsight mobile devices include rugged and hazardous location certified models designed for tough environments

- Central system management tools including Onsight Account Manager and Onsight Management Suite

Together, these components provide a full operations-driven video collaboration solution that is optimized to perform in challenging field environments.



A truly interactive collaboration experience

With Thuraya Librestream Onsight, a field worker can securely collaborate with multiple offsite experts through real-time, high quality video streaming, direct phone calls and on-screen drawing (“telestration”). Experts and field workers can resolve issues, fix problems, diagnose, or monitor field situations on the shop floor, in a remote health clinic, or even at the scene of an emergency.

The solution also allows Windows PC Onsight users to invite guests to the Onsight session, search for global contacts, and interact with one another through their iPhone and iPad devices.

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