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AudiSoft Frontline Communicator

Wireless communications on-the-go

The Frontline Communicator is a wireless and wearable communication solution that is complemented by Thuraya IP and Thuraya IP+. It enables users to transmit video images in real-time as well as have a conversation with another user located offsite.

Film, store, transmit

Designed for users in various environments, the Frontline Communicator allows users to film and store video images for future use. The Frontline Communicator’s headset is equipped with a miniature color video camera, a pointer device, directional microphone for noise reduction and high-quality earphones for optimal sound reception.

With its integrated light, adjustable focus and pointer, the Frontline Communicator’s hand-held cameras are easy to manage. The Communicator’s transmission module houses a powerful computer and a state-of-the- art codec. It is also equipped with CompactFlash® and PCMCIA card readers and an SDIO slot. The transmission module is powered by a long lasting rechargeable Li-ion battery.

The Frontline Communicator is based on technological integration and a complex miniaturization process. This unique and innovative IP communication system is ideal for remote support, remote collaboration and distance training applications. With the Frontline Communicator, users can reduce response times, increase productivity and improve customer service.


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