Video Conferencing

Real-time mobile video collaboration made faster


ClearSea is a turn-key solution for enterprises and organizations in the education and healthcare sectors, among others.

It can be integrated with Thuraya IP broadband terminals, where the terminal works as an Internet bearer. Once installed in the network, the Clearsea™ server retains records of all user accounts assigned, enabling users to utilize video conferencing with other existing mobile devices or traditional video conferencing endpoints.

To access the Internet via Thuraya’s broadband services, simply download the client applications to a mobile device or PC/MAC. The Clearsea™ server can be purchased as hardware or as a software application for installation on any existing server hardware.  Its configuration panel allows expert users to optimize quality and performance. It is important to note that quality/ performance depends on the operating system and hardware configuration, which includes CPU power, network bandwidth, and video capture device performance.

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