Video Streaming

Remote operation success via real-time streams

Video Streaming

Thuraya’s satellite network ensures smooth and steady internet access outside the coverage area of terrestrial GSM operators and supports duplex, two-way connectivity. With best-in-market streaming IP speeds of up to 384Kbps and an easy onboarding interface that supports third-party HD video compression applications, Thuraya ensures mission success for critical operations in hard-to-reach areas that depend on real-time virtual communication.

HD video streaming via satellite is vital for a variety of sectors, including Relief, Government, Media, Marine, Energy and Enterprise. For example, HD streaming solutions over Thuraya network support several airborne missions in telemedicine, ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) and SAR (search-and-rescue), and even syncs with UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle)equipped with remotely accessed cameras.

Whether it be aid workers in crisis zones, journalists covering breaking news on-the-move, VIPs on business travel, extreme adventurers who want to share their journey, or personnel deployed to repair distant pipelines and cables, HD video streaming with Thuraya promises effective and secure face-to-face communication anywhere in the world.

Thuraya brings you authentic connections in real-time, wherever your work takes you.