Video Streaming

Remote operation success via real-time streams


Enjoy optimum audio and video quality for your live and edited video broadcasts

Thuraya IP and Thuraya IP+ are certified to the Quicklink standard, currently utilized by over 400 international TV stations and news gathering companies such as the BBC, CNN, CNBC Arabiya and Al Jazeera.

With this solution, reporters in the field can directly transmit breaking news as it unfolds back to the studio. Simply link your camera or recording device to your laptop containing the Quicklink encoder software, and broadcast the encoded streams over a satellite connection from a Thuraya data terminal, directly to your newsroom.

Reduce transmission costs by 40%

Maintaining the same satellite uplink and downlink speeds can be costly and inefficient, since field teams need to send, but may not need to receive large amounts of video data. Thuraya data terminals can be configured for Asymmetric Streaming, allowing reporters to receive data at 64kbps (good for audio), while transmitting video feeds at higher speeds of 384 kbps.

Together, Thuraya and Quicklink provide an easy to use, reliable and cost effective solution to media customers that improve connectivity on the move, while ensuring clear, high-quality streaming capabilities.

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