Video Streaming

Remote operation success via real-time streams


Broadband video contribution service to deliver news from anywhere in the world

Thuraya products enable broadcasters to transmit and manage their video content on the Streambox platform, used by many of the world’s leading news organizations such as the BBC, CNN, Fox News, and Sky News.

With this broadband video contribution service, reporters can send videos over wired and wireless IP networks to the Streambox Live server. Use Thuraya IP or Thuraya IP+ as the primary link in streaming mode to transfer live videos to the studio, in combination with a camera and laptop on which the Streambox encoder is installed.

Cost-effective and easy to deploy

Streambox allows journalists to search and preview large volumes of incoming video material, before choosing their selection and routing it to their decoders — you only need to pay for what you use. Benefit from the ease of deployment for this solution and the ability to transmit digital video over a 256k streaming connection, from which the studio can relay your broadcast video to viewers around the world.

By coupling Thuraya IP or Thuraya IP+ with Streambox, reporters on the field can work quickly and efficiently over Thuraya’s reliable satellite network.

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