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DragonFly - VES4

Intermatica S.p.A. is a Telecommunications Operator and a Service Provider for major satellite systems and companies such as Thuraya. The company offers integrated voice and data solutions for fixed, mobile, and satellite communications around the globe.

Thuraya’s extensive coverage map allows the DragonFly solution to transmit multiple videos with low bit rates. The VES4 can store multiple videos and will feed them to a remote site - ideal for those working in challenging environments where mission-critical information is of the utmost importance. DragonFly-VES4 is a video surveillance solution that transmits compressed, high-quality video footage. The DragonFly solution helps crews working in Enterprise organizations who rely on remote video surveillance.

With DragonFly, viewers can initiate a video stream downlink at any time, and what’s more, it won’t consume all of your data and bandwidth capacity.

How does DragonFly work over Thuraya broadband products?

DragonFly-VES4 is a powerful digital video recorder. What’s more, it has the ability to stream real-time video over low variable satellite internet bandwidth. Simply connect the DragonFly unit to CCTV equipment and to a Thuraya Broadband terminal to transmit video streams to a control center.



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