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Hawkeye Surveillance

Video surveillance, no matter where you are

Coupled with Thuraya IP or IP+, the HAWKEYE Surveillance codec provides high quality video in the most remote locations.  HAWKEYE Surveillance’s dual video input allows two-camera operations enabling the user to select the desired camera feed. The unit is designed to be as compact and robust as possible, and has ruggedized variants as well as DO160E rating options. All variants have no moving parts for silent operations.

One of the key features of the unit is low power. Even when encoding at the maximum frame rate of 25fps, the HAWKEYE’s power consumption requirement remains low, at less than 8.5 watts.

A real-time video solution designed for tough environments

The HAWKEYE video encoder has been specifically designed to meet the exacting requirements of defense and energy customers. It enables real-time, low latency video to be viewed over narrow bandwidth networks -including satellite networks, military tactical radios (either synchronously or using IP), commercial asynchronous radios and the Internet with quality, reliability and usability unmatched by current standards-based products.

Developed specifically for real-time video streaming, the HAWKEYE is able to support true fixed rate encoding, the codec provides constant high frame rate coding without the bandwidth variability inevitable in other systems. The ability to sustain a constant high frame rate at low bandwidths is vital for effective camera telemetry control, to minimize operator fatigue and to allow the perception of behavior or intent.

HAWKEYE’s secure server application enables multiple encoders and viewers to work together securely and seamlessly to create a fully scalable architecture. The system provides access to video feeds by decision makers anywhere without the need for fixed infrastructure. Video streams can also be played on wireless devices while maintaining exceptional clarity. Full PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) control of cameras by the viewer  gives the system ultimate flexibility. The fixed high frame rate video, enables multiple users distributed globally to observe live events in real time and have the ability to tilt and zoom the camera to alter the field of view. With user definable frame rates and frame sizes, the HAWKEYE video encoder can be configured to match users’ specific operational requirements. Where bandwidth is fundamentally limited, the technology offers the only useable solution to live video transmission with high quality, real-time video.

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