Voice Over IP

Inexpensive voice and video calls over internet

Voice Over IP

When on-the-move or stationed at distant locations, the ability to stay in constant touch - easily and inexpensively - is essential to operation successes. Backed by Thuraya’s advanced and extensive satellite coverage, Voice Over IP (VOIP) solutions guarantee high-quality calls to teams, family and friends anywhere in the world without connectivity issues and network congestion.

A VOIP solution offers additional benefits over standard phone calls: it requires limited hardware as it is internet-based, and uses much less bandwidth, which promotes call-cost reductions. Features such as caller ID and call waiting - usually paid services on standard phone lines - typically come free of cost with VOIP and upgrades for service extensions often require nothing more than extra bandwidth. Thuraya gives users the added flexibility of transmitting data and video while on a VOIP call or conference.

VOIP solutions with Thuraya are ideal for office-on-the-move, offshore and marine operations, work at remote sites, and government, military and relief missions that require advanced voice connectivity over secure networks.

Enjoy efficiency with the clarity and flexibility of VOIP calls over Thuraya’s satellite network.