Voice Over IP

Inexpensive voice and video calls over internet

Horizon MultiVoIP

Delivering VoIP calls of unmatched quality and flexible pricing
Coupled with Thuraya IP or Thuraya IP+, the Horizon Solution is used to make VoIP calls over high latency Thuraya satellite network. The energy industry stand to benefit from the solution’s ease of use, offering connection to any 2-wire telephone enabling instant integration with existing PBX networks.

Horizon users enjoy the advantage of SmartPacketTM technology with an ultra-low bandwidth VoIP (around 2kbps) as well as other optimized data applications. Connect a local analogue telephone to a single Thuraya IP terminal, which gives you the option and convenience of selecting different pricing plans based on the selected voice quality.

Amplifying communications across satellite and terrestrial networks
Horizon Desktop™ is a useful and highly reliable device whether operated in an office or within extreme conditions in remote locations. The fully mobile solution incorporates instant messaging, e-mail, Internet surfing, VoIP and voicemail in a single convenient application. Horizon Desktop™ is also used to accelerate and optimize the data bandwidths, which significantly enhance your user experience.

Horizon and the Thuraya IP/Thuraya IP+ can be used in both standard and streaming modes based on the requirements of the end user. In addition, it also has the capacity to have different calling accounts for several users behind a single Thuraya IP/Thuraya IP+.

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