Upgrading your Thuraya satellite phone or IP is easy. Use the links below to access the most recent firmware upgrade files, drivers, installation manuals and important technical bulletins.

Land Voice

Thuraya XT-LITE

Simple. Reliable. Affordable.

Best valueSatellite calls and text messages
Reliable battery lifesUp to 6 hours' talk-time & 80 hours' standby time
Multiple languages; Easy-to-useSet your phone to any of 12 languages available; User-friendly menu and interface

Please follow the below steps:

Step 1

Download the below XT-LITE Upgrader program.

XT-LITE upgrader

Run the setup file - the Upgrader program including the USB driver will be installed.

Step 2

Download the latest Thuraya XT-LITE firmware release to your hard disk.

Multi-language firmware v2.0 (for IMEI range 35606506 – 500001 to 900000)

Chinese firmware v2.0 (for IMEI range 35606506 – 500001 to 900000)

Japanese firmware v2.0 (for IMEI range 35606506 – 500001 to 900000)

Note: Firmware can only be upgraded to the same language firmware (ML to ML, CH to CH, JP to JP).

Step 3

Connect your XT-LITE with the PC/laptop via USB data cable.

You can now start the XT-LITE Upgrader program and locate the firmware on your hard disk. The Upgrader program will help you through the upgrade process.

Previous Releases

Multi-language firmware v1.4 (Optional - this upgrade is not required for existing XT-LITE users)

Release notes for Multi-language v1.4:

- Includes LCD driver for new production batch of XT-LITE.

Chinese firmware v1.1.2 (for IMEI range 35606506 - 100001 to 500000)