Upgrading your Thuraya satellite phone or IP is easy. Use the links below to access the most recent firmware upgrade files, drivers, installation manuals and important technical bulletins.


Thuraya IP

Size A5
Weight 1.3kg
Protection Built to IP55 standards to protect against dust and water

The latest Thuraya IP software version is Release

Release date: June 2014


The differences between and the previous commercial release are as follows:

  • M2M Watchdog
  • Remote Access
  • Configuration Transfer
  • Streaming Counter and Alert
  • Supporting "Cisco Jabber video" conferencing
  • Changing URL for "Upgrade Modem Software" button under Properties screen
  • The error code (41 and 42) reporting and handling on the webMMI is enhanced.
  • wMMI updated with correct company name & logo

Download Release Notes

Upgrader PC Version

Thuraya IP software version

Upgrader MAC Version

Thuraya IP MAC upgrader version

TCP Parameters

To maximize the speed of Thuraya IP service, it is recommended to deploy the changes required to the TCP parameters using the attached files. Download

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