Thuraya IP+ Software Version Release

Release date: December 2015


Streaming Inactivity Timer 
Streaming sessions are now monitored for inactivity. After a certain number of minutes, configured on the MMI, if traffic has not passed in both uplink and downlink directions, a Streaming context is ended and a standard context is created instead.

Java Enhancements: 
A new code-signing certificate which is now applied to all Java applets deployed via HTML user interface. These include the signal and battery status indicators, the antenna pointing page, and web-based trouble-shooting tools. 


  • Thuraya MMI applets are certified for use with Java-7 and older releases, but not supported with Java-8. 

Notes on operation: 

  • The segmented bars for RSSI, Signal Quality, and battery level are now solid bars. 

Usage Notes:

  • Users will initially be prompted (by Java on the PC) to accept the new certificate, but the prompt should indicate that the code is running in a safe, restricted manner. Once accepted, the prompt should never appear again. A typical prompt looks like this: 

New Java applets may not be loaded automatically if a user’s web browser cache or Java runtime cache contain previous copies of the applets. It may be necessary to clear these caches to ensure that new, signed applets are loaded after installing this release.


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