TETRA over Satellite OR Radio over Satellite

Catering to a diverse range of communication requirements and channels, Thuraya partners with trusted brands to deliver comprehensive radio solutions via our satellite network.

Thuraya enables remote radio networks and push-to-talk radios to be unified with cellular or fixed lines, facilitating real-time, encrypted, optimized and direct voice and data communication to operations rooms or other networks within our extensive coverage area - beyond line-of-sight and across land and sea. These Radio over Satellite or Radio over IP (ROIP) solutions are easy to deploy and manage as they can be operated remotely and may often be left unattended, making them ideal for communication in harsh environments.

Government agencies, large enterprises, military, and NGOs greatly benefit from Thuraya’s radio solutions as they also have the flexibility of using their mobile radios or TETRA systems by easily linking them with Thuraya’s broadband terminals for swift two-way voice connectivity and deployment ease in city-wide operations.

IP Bonding

When it comes to efficient connectivity on-the-go, Thuraya constantly delivers leading-edge solutions through superior partner services that run on our uninterrupted satellite network. Remote and/or spread-out operations within the Energy, Government, Relief, Enterprise and Media sector rely on high-speed broadband access for the transfer of large assets without a compromise on security and data quality. With advanced VPN capabilities that also provide accelerated link management and compression, Thuraya enables optimized data exchange with cost efficiency and flexibility.

Our certified solutions are specifically tailored to meet the broadcast demands of international news agencies and promise a simple solution for correspondents on-location. With IP bonding capabilities of many different connections, Thuraya packs the power of an SNG truck into a backpack and ensures the delivery of HD - live or delayed - video streams from remote news sites to studios. The solutions balance the streams across multiple channels, require no additional encoder hardware and automatically adapts to the networks’ performance, promising an easy, steady transmission of data at the highest quality. End-users are further able to customize with the availability of larger transmission bandwidths, making Thuraya a go-to for seasoned journalists on the frontlines of breaking news coverage.

Tracking & Monitoring

Thuraya understands the requirements of our customers and appreciates the importance of delivering quick connectivity between assets and command centers for high-priority and/or widespread operations. The Marine, Military, Relief, Energy, and Enterprise sectors specifically take advantage of such technologies, as it is imperative for missions within these fields to keep a constant communication link between remote or spread out devices, vehicles and vessels.

Thuraya makes available advanced tracking and M2M data applications through third-party suppliers that use its global L-band satellite network to provide remote monitoring capabilities beyond the reach of terrestrial coverage. Merchant shipping, fishing, Government, Navy, Coast Guard and leisure users can enable vessel or fleet tracking and activity monitoring to keep up-to-date with remote cargo and equipment, navigation charts, arrival and departure information, fuel quality, ballast water procedures, and more. For civil defense, border patrolling, on-the-move and remote operations, Thuraya gathers instant information, including voice and HD video data, from multiple assets worldwide to HQs in order to swiftly deploy resources, efficiently communicate instructions, foster mission success and promote the safety of personnel.

Furthermore, our very own satellite phones are equipped with navigation capabilities that allow users to easily send SOS signals with automatic tracking data to emergency centers or pre-defined numbers in case of an unforeseen event.

With Thuraya, you’ll stay on a steady course with your detailed operation plans, however extensive it is.

Compression & Optimization

When it comes to connectivity on-the-go, Thuraya promises comprehensive solutions for fast and steady communication via its L-band satellite network. With multiple compression and optimization applications that cater to sector specifications, end-users are guaranteed a swift, smooth and secure text, voice, data and video experience with family, friends, colleagues and crew worldwide.

Compression and optimization are essential for relaying faster communication at lower costs and is critical to Marine, Government, Relief, Media, Enterprise and Energy operations where constant connectivity and data transfers between multiple, often remote locations are the norm. We offer competitive, user-definable airtime packages, especially within the maritime market; and our compression counterparts render data redundancy elimination, broadband management and faster internet access when paired with Thuraya’s advanced satellite IP broadband.

The web compression capabilities significantly reduce page load time and allow for quicker email exchanges, enabling time-sensitive data to be transferred with efficiency for mission success. Optimized link bonding further allows real-time HD video streaming by balancing the stream over multiple links, while encryption and VPN capabilities ensure that all communication is carried out over a secure, private network.

Trust Thuraya to help you transfer large assets with speed and ease.


Thuraya’s broadband terminals support defense-grade security solutions that are essential to the remote communication requirements of military, government, energy, marine and relief authorities. When typical communication modes are unavailable, Thuraya enables swift, secure, and easy-to-deploy connectivity via a steady and reliable satellite network.

With no fixed infrastructure or user configuration mandates, the portable solutions ensure flexibility and can automatically establish an encrypted, secure-link connection within minutes. The customizable encryption further lends complete privacy to Thuraya’s duplex communication capabilities and supports both standard and streaming services.

Staff and personnel on global or distant missions have full, real-time access to ground crew and command centers with voice, data, and video functionalities. Critical operations carried out over Thuraya’s network can rely on this smooth connectivity without the worry of clunky equipment, high operational costs, and of course, data leaks. 

Netted Communication

Netted communication solutions deliver swift, ‘protected’ connectivity by converging radio, internet and mobile phone lines onto one safe contact ‘net’ or platform supported by Thuraya. Our netted communication plank provides a superior communication option for those based at sea or at remote locations and allows them to have encrypted, secure connectivity ease at multiple locations beyond line-of-sight and terrestrial coverage.

Cost effective and scalable, netted communication solutions enable data to be received from users worldwide onto one platform at even a remote HQ base. In this way, devices with individuals dispatched across the world can be managed from one location and there is no hindrance to decision-making between command centers and field operatives.

Additionally, the system can be formatted such that pre-defined user groups are contacted with just one button. It is the ideal tool for critical mission success in sectors such as Government, Marine, Relief, Media, Leisure, Energy and Enterprise where quick deployment and secure connectivity are an absolute necessity.

Wherever your mission takes you, Thuraya makes sure you are heard.

Maritime Internet & Data Management

With years of experience in delivering advanced maritime-centric IP links via satellite, Thuraya is the natural choice for the provision of marine value-added communication solutions. Thuraya has thorough understanding of its customer requirements and the nuances of technology suited for the marine environment; the company has integrated top solution providers’ services with its superior L-band network in order to create a complete ‘at-sea’ communication package.

We deliver a fully connected experience aboard any vessel, with fast and efficient communication wherever you sail and across the busiest shipping lines and ports worldwide. Ship owners, officers and crew have text, voice, data and video connectivity with varied asymmetric streaming options that contribute to efficiency and highly competitive airtime rates. Solutions are also enhanced with firewalls for optimized usage as well as secure email access and web browsing while at sea.

Distributed-office needs are met with secure chat and video conference capabilities, and vessel/fleet management is handled by platforms designed for crew welfare and the remote monitoring of cargo and equipment. Thuraya also syncs with relief kits to ensure that crew and passengers have unrivaled telehealth access to medical practitioners anywhere in the world.

With Thuraya, you’ll stay close to shore wherever the seas take you.

Secure VPN

When dealing with top-level missions, an easy-to-deploy, steady, and secure communication system is of the utmost importance. With years of expertise in servicing civil defense, military, government, enterprise, marine and energy projects, Thuraya understands how to deliver cutting-edge solutions for high-priority undertakings and crisis communications.

Our key service partnerships further the provision of full field communication solutions that are portable and easily enable voice, VOIP, radio (push-to-play) and data access over an advanced, VPN-enabled network. Given the nature of the field work, these solutions are designed to meet operational challenges and promote efficiency with reduced bandwidth requirements, which in turn improves download speeds, saves power and cuts costs. Along with compression, voice data is optimized for clear and direct communication from command stations to operation sites, however remote they may be.

Thuraya delivers the vital support to always keep your classified missions connected with top communication channels.

Video Surveillance

With superior IP streaming speeds of up to 384Kbps, Thuraya empowers surveillance missions to help save lives with real-timeHD video monitoring across vast distances. Thuraya network and broadband terminals sync seamlessly with live-imagery applications and other data-monitoring peripherals. 

Surveillance footage is easily compressed in real-time and shared over Thuraya’s secure satellite network with HQs and command centers. The video applications typically feature user-definable frame rates and sizes, and enable many global viewers and decision makers to remotely control the cameras, adjust field of view, and relay video data from multiple access points.

Video surveillance via Thuraya’s satellite network is integral for Military, Government, Relief, Marine and/or Enterprise sector missions in: Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Search and Rescue (SAR), coast guard monitoring, disaster management, land and border patrolling, forest fire prevention, environment protection, pipeline monitoring (even underwater), and more.

Thuraya stays by you, throughout your watch.

Video Streaming

Thuraya’s satellite network ensures smooth and steady internet access outside the coverage area of terrestrial GSM operators and supports duplex, two-way connectivity. With best-in-market streaming IP speeds of up to 384Kbps and an easy onboarding interface that supports third-party HD video compression applications, Thuraya ensures mission success for critical operations in hard-to-reach areas that depend on real-time virtual communication.

HD video streaming via satellite is vital for a variety of sectors, including Relief, Government, Media, Marine, Energy and Enterprise. For example, HD streaming solutions over Thuraya network support several airborne missions in telemedicine, ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) and SAR (search-and-rescue), and even syncs with UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle)equipped with remotely accessed cameras.

Whether it be aid workers in crisis zones, journalists covering breaking news on-the-move, VIPs on business travel, extreme adventurers who want to share their journey, or personnel deployed to repair distant pipelines and cables, HD video streaming with Thuraya promises effective and secure face-to-face communication anywhere in the world.

Thuraya brings you authentic connections in real-time, wherever your work takes you.