Voice Over IP

When on-the-move or stationed at distant locations, the ability to stay in constant touch - easily and inexpensively - is essential to operation successes. Backed by Thuraya’s advanced and extensive satellite coverage, Voice Over IP (VOIP) solutions guarantee high-quality calls to teams, family and friends anywhere in the world without connectivity issues and network congestion.

A VOIP solution offers additional benefits over standard phone calls: it requires limited hardware as it is internet-based, and uses much less bandwidth, which promotes call-cost reductions. Features such as caller ID and call waiting - usually paid services on standard phone lines - typically come free of cost with VOIP and upgrades for service extensions often require nothing more than extra bandwidth. Thuraya gives users the added flexibility of transmitting data and video while on a VOIP call or conference.

VOIP solutions with Thuraya are ideal for office-on-the-move, offshore and marine operations, work at remote sites, and government, military and relief missions that require advanced voice connectivity over secure networks.

Enjoy efficiency with the clarity and flexibility of VOIP calls over Thuraya’s satellite network. 


It is difficult to get sophisticated medical care in remote areas. Primary healthcare centers in far flung communities are typically equipped to handle basic medical needs. Quite often, a patient may require more specialized urgent care than what is available on-site, making access to telemedicine a must. Thuraya offers anyone – anywhere – immediate access to face-to-face communication with medical practitioners at the best hospitals and clinics worldwide.

We facilitate secure patient data capture, vital signs monitoring, consultation and treatment under the direct virtual guidance of specialists.

Relief organizations, NGOs and government agencies can enhance their health missions with telemedicine solutions over Thuraya’s satellite network, enabling first responders in target zones to save more lives with fast and efficient real-time patient-to-doctor communication.

While fully geared to meet emergency telemedicine requirements, the solutions can also be used by remote personnel for regular check-ups with specialists in order to compensate for in-person meetings.

Your life matters to Thuraya, wherever you may be.

Critical Communications

Thuraya’s mobile satellite communications technology helps you respond to crises in a more effective, sustainable and cost-efficient way. Our satellite capacity is utilized by military, governments, NGOs and emergency responders for mission critical, sensitive command control and disaster management operations where loss of communication is not an option. We provide interoperable, easy-to-deploy, highly adaptable voice/data mobile satellite solutions, and support all communication applications in land and maritime environments.

Thuraya mobile satellite communications is suitable for critical military operations that require security and high power satellite communications; communications in remote and harsh locations; infrastructure affected by severe weather conditions and/or natural disasters, comms-on-the-move applications, military and naval platforms. Our expertise and capabilities give you access to one-stop-shop solutions, communication networks as well as geospatial information services.

Two-way Video Communications

Like all long-distance communication technologies, two-way video communication cuts down the need to travel to bring people together. The technology contributes to reductions in carbon emissions besides generating considerable savings in time and money.

Thuraya enables you to make the connection wherever you are.  All leading two-way video communication solutions fully utilize the uplink and downlink of our streaming IP data channel to deliver quality output.

The core technology used in a two-way large group video conferencing system is digital compression of audio and video streams in real time. There are many off-the-shelf hardware and software solutions that can be used for video conferencing over the Thuraya network. Hardware-based solutions deliver quality video with high performance, using a dedicated built-in processor and integral features to deliver quality video. Software-based solutions are designed for both PC and Mac platforms, and rely on the CPU power of your computer, and the other applications you are running at the time of the conference.

Welcome to a connected life, courtesy Thuraya!

Special Operations

A second’s delay in communications could be costly to special operations units engaged in critical assignments for their governments. Thuraya’s highly secure, interoperable aero network opens up secure and uninterrupted voice, data and video connectivity for classified missions requiring secrecy and agility. 

Border Protection

Thuraya Aero delivers superior airborne satellite connectivity that aids military border protection operations with securing and safeguarding borders.


Aero’s airborne satellite communication hub is equipped to support sophisticated situational awareness operations and boost the military’s ability to extract surrounding information, identify threats, and anticipate and prepare for potential risks.


Troops engaged in critical military operations now have access to superior emergency medical services via medevac helicopters and air ambulances that are installed with Aero. 


To be the first to break a critical story, field teams should be able to connect to their newsrooms from practically anywhere, including the sky.

Business Jet

VIPs can furnish their business jet with Aero for a superior office-in-the-sky experience. Aero’s compact hardware, easy installation features, support of multiple peripherals and asymmetric streaming capabilities make it an attractive and affordable option for busy businessmen who require fluid access to work while on the move.