Firefighting & Police

For effective detection and fast action, firefighting across large areas often involves the use of aircrafts such as air tankers or water bombers. Thuraya Aero easily supports the necessary assets used in both fixed-wing aircrafts and helicopters for advanced success in operations such as aerial fire monitoring, wildfire control, and fire and rescue missions.


A healthy marine habitat plays a major role in contributing to a balanced ecosystem and in securing food sources, especially in developing economies.

Maritime Protection

The effective monitoring of territorial waters is absolutely essential to marine security and factors into the government’s overall role in border protection and the preparedness against threats. With Aero, 

Border Protection

Thuraya Aero delivers superior airborne connectivity to enable government border protection operations with safer, more secure and efficient borders. Aero is equipped with duplex communications systems and built-in video codecs for real-time voice, HD video and data transfer to ground control centers and multiple ground personnel.

Oil & Gas, Pipeline Monitoring

A UAV monitoring pipelines in a remote area can transmit imagery back home from well beyond line-of-sight when equipped with Thuraya Aero. Simply connect the Aero system to an onboard camera and an internal processor to stream the imagery to headquarters for analysis; the camera can be remotely controlled and new commands can be transmitted to the navigation system.

Scientific Projects

In scientific projects and research work, being able to have an overall overview without disturbing or influencing the fragile fabric of the environment is of critical importance. It can likewise be helpful to see objects from different perspectives.

Environmental Protection

The conservation and monitoring of ecological resources are required to maintain healthy global habitats and are essential in protection from natural calamities and ecosystem imbalances. Aero is a superior airborne communication solution that helps safeguard our world from impending, widespread environmental disasters.


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