Firefighting & Police

Superior aerial firefighting with Aero

For effective detection and fast action, firefighting across large areas often involves the use of aircrafts such as air tankers or water bombers. Thuraya Aero easily supports the necessary assets used in both fixed-wing aircrafts and helicopters for advanced success in operations such as aerial fire monitoring, wildfire control, and fire and rescue missions.

As Aero uses Thuraya’s L-band satellite technology, it ensures a steady transmission unaffected by altitude and weather conditions, and is perfectly suited for BLOS missions and aircrafts flying at low or medium levels. With capabilities such as full Internet access, bi-directional voice communication, video surveillance and conferencing, blue-force tracking and moving map applications, Aero enables aerial firefighters to maintain real-time contact, get instructions and coordinate with ground personnel, fire engines and command centers.

From first-response attacks to the extended management of widespread fires, Aero delivers operational efficiency and increased success in aerial firefighting missions.


Safeguard aquatic resources from the air

A healthy marine habitat plays a major role in contributing to a balanced ecosystem and in securing food sources, especially in developing economies. Aero’s advanced satellite communication system equips airborne operations with stewarding ocean resources by helping to effectively track protected species and fish stocks, manage biodiversity, and monitor commercial aquaculture and recreational fishing activities.

As Aero supports real-time HQ video streaming and bi-directional voice communication, flight personnel can seamlessly exchange voice and surveillance data with ground crew or multiple vessels at sea that are installed with Thuraya’s satellite terminals. Fisheries are protected and allowed to flourish in this way, as Aero plays a part in helping with the ocean’s ecosystem data collection, safeguarding the waters from illegal trawling activities, and with updating maritime policies and ensuring compliance.

Maritime Protection

Protect ports and oceans from the sky

The effective monitoring of territorial waters is absolutely essential to marine security and factors into the government’s overall role in border protection and the preparedness against threats. With Aero, coast guard aircrews can optimize their surveillance operations using real-time HD video streams and voice and data exchanges between multiple personnel on both land and sea. As the system runs over a steady satellite network, missions can depend on secure and uninterrupted communication across distances and over uncharted waters for easy tracking and deployment requirements. Aero-enabled aircrafts and coast guard vessels using Thuraya’s satellite terminals can also liaise to establish communication with merchant ships, fishing boats and oil platforms within the state’s marine domain.

Aero is further equipped to aid first responders with vital communicational links and supports the use of specialized telemedical devices, in case of any emergency rescue missions.

Border Protection

Safer Borders with Aerial Satellite Connectivity

Thuraya Aero delivers superior airborne connectivity to enable government border protection operations with safer, more secure and efficient borders. Aero is equipped with duplex communications systems and built-in video codecs for real-time voice, HD video and data transfer to ground control centers and multiple ground personnel.

Even police patrols or vehicles on-the-move in harsh environments can use the Thuraya Commander or IP+ to stream video or images to a patrolling aircraft installed with Aero. While most border patrol aircrafts use onboard observation turrets, they cannot transmit imagery farther than a few kilometers; as Aero uses Thuraya’s extensive satellite network, infrared and daylight video, as well as targeting data, can be transferred across vast distances.

Aero’s capabilities can be maximized to rapidly deploy personnel, monitor border infrastructure, manage resources and keep track of sensors, radars and other technologies used in mission-critical border patrolling and surveillance operations.

Border Protection

Secure borders with advanced airborne technology

Thuraya Aero delivers superior airborne satellite connectivity that aids military border protection operations with securing and safeguarding borders. Border patrolling missions are enhanced with Aero’s bi-directional communications platforms and built-in video codecs for real-time voice, HD video and data transfer to HQs, commanders and troops.

Even military patrol jeeps canvassing rough border regions can use the Thuraya Commander or IP+ to stream video or images to an Aero-equipped aircraft. Unlike most border patrol aircrafts that only transmit imagery up to a few kilometers, Aero uses Thuraya’s extensive satellite network to transmit infrared and daylight video, and target data across vast distances.

Aero enables aerial patrols to rapidly mobilize military personnel, deploy assets, and monitor infrastructure, radars and other technologies used in mission-critical border protection and surveillance operations.

Surveillance (Situational Awareness)

Stay ahead with airborne satcom and surveillance

Aero’s airborne satellite communication hub is equipped to support sophisticated situational awareness operations and boost the military’s ability to extract surrounding information, identify threats, and anticipate and prepare for potential risks. Flight crew can use the Aero system to sync military-grade security and surveillance devices, and can rely on Thuraya’s wide-reaching L-band network for robust, uninterrupted and secure connectivity with commanders and field operators.

Aero comes with capabilities like full internet access, voice and video conferencing, location data and more to ensure the swift deployment of instructions and assets. A variety of ruggedized sensors, surveillance cameras and other situational-intelligence solutions can be used with Aero to exchange target data in real time over long distances with control centers and all personnel involved in the mission. The system further supports military applications such as airborne and surface target tracking, night vision, long-range target identification and covert surveillance.

EnterpriseComms ISR

Enable eyes-in-the-sky with constant HD aerial surveillance via satellite for ISR missions in environment protection, disaster management, pipeline monitoring and more.


Aero delivers seamless airborne satellite connectivity across land and sea for government operations in fields including civil defense, SAR, coast guard monitoring, and firefighting.


Transform your in-flight cabin into a business hub with steady airborne connectivity and handle daily decision-making activities via phone calls, video conferencing and emails.


Aero’s airborne communication system allows special ops, military and medevac missions to be in direct, real-time contact with commanders, ground control centers and hospitals.