Secure, Real-time Commander-to-Crew Communication

Have full access to the HQ’s military IP networks while airborne


Delivering urgent medical care to military personnel

Troops engaged in critical military operations now have access to superior emergency medical services via medevac helicopters and air ambulances that are installed with Aero. These aircrafts have advanced capabilities to meet the needs of soldiers, as the Aero communications hub easily syncs with several mission-specific peripherals and devices.

The Aero system seamlessly supports the transmission of an in-flight patient’s vital signs data directly to medical centers and hospitals; telemedical devices like ECGs, electronic stethoscopes and camera headsets via Wi-Fi can also be set up, allowing first responders or medics to meet the urgent needs of those injured under the immediate guidance of doctors on ground.

Thuraya ensures real-time, steady and secure connectivity between medical practitioners, flight paramedics and patients with myriad communication options, enabling swift action to help save lives with the best possible treatment available under the given circumstances.

Secure VPN

High-level airborne missions in government, military relief, and energy sectors have access to secure connectivity between multiple communication points with Thuraya Aero. Flight personnel can connect with the same VPN-enabled networks used at ground centers to send and receive classified data, while maintaining clear and steady satellite connectivity across the skies.

Critical Communication

Thuraya Aero aids with swift deployment in critical airborne operations that military, government, NGO and emergency responders engage in for disaster management and relief efforts in crisis zones. The system supports fast and secure communication over locations where infrastructure is severely damaged and establishes vital links with other satellite-based devices to ensure efficient coordination with field personnel and remote HQs.


Medevac helicopters and air ambulances installed with Aero provide injured military personnel with superior access to real-time treatments under the virtual guidance of top medical practitioners on ground. Aero’s system easily syncs with telemedical devices like ECGs, camera headsets and electronic stethoscopes, supporting the transmission of vital signs data directly to doctors. This information is used to coordinate with inflight medics to deliver the best possible emergency treatment for patients on board.


Voice Over IP (VOIP) applications guarantee affordable, high-quality calls to teams, family and friends around the world without connectivity issues and network congestion. Aero’s VOIP solutions are ideal for office-in-the-sky, and government, military and relief missions that require advanced airborne voice connectivity over secure networks. Enjoy the clarity and flexibility of inflight VOIP calls while on board, via Thuraya’s extensive satellite network. 

Office in the Sky

VIPs and executives have access to a fully connected cabin with Aero, and can use their own smart devices while on board to stay seamlessly in touch with employees, business partners, family and friends. Thuraya Aero renders a business enterprise with agility and puts mobility at the center of an organization. Enjoy access to the internet, video and audio conferencing, business apps, and collaboration tools from any device, at any time, while on the move and in the sky. 

Video Surveillance

With built-in video codecs that support real-time HD video monitoring and streaming in full color across distances, Thuraya Aero empowers government, military, relief, SAR, and ISR surveillance missions to help save lives and safeguard from potential risks. Aerial surveillance footage is easily compressed and shared over a secure network with HQs and video cameras can be remotely controlled to adjust field-of-view and relay live-imagery data from multiple target points.

Advanced Aero Connectivity Guaranteed

Enhancing airborne communications for mission success 

One System for Multiple Aviation Applications

Empowers a variety of applications dependent on real-time airborne data