Case Studies

Thuraya works closely with our service partners to understand the needs of our end-users and deliver business-critical solutions. For more information on our case studies, please follow the links below.

Thuraya provides vital communication links for groundbreaking survey of remote cave systems in Kyrgyzstan​
Thuraya technology has enabled an geological expedition team to map and survey a previously uncharted area of secluded mountains ....Read more



Thuraya and IEC Telecom provide vital satellite communication to protect the ecosystem of the Caspian Sea
Thuraya is helping to protect the unique and fragile ecosystem of the largest salt lake on Earth through its work with Kazakhstan Agency of Applied Ecology...Read more



Securing sustainable development goals in Nepal with real-time remote data
Thuraya and our partner, Constellation along with Real Time Solutions provide cost-effective and efficient real-time connectivity in hard-to-reach..Read more



Machine-learning via Thuraya satellite helps University of Michigan take runners-up spot at world solar event
Thuraya partnered with the University of Michigan (UoM) solar car team yet again for the WSC 2017, providing voice and broadband connectivity...Read more



Thuraya furthers expedition into Eurasian hinterlands
Thuraya provided communication support for Alexey Yakovlev’s explorations in the Russian Commonwealth, with a satellite broadband terminal and a satellite phone...Read more



Thuraya technology enables filmmaker capture the inside story of a pride of lions in Zambia
Martin Edström is on a mission to reinvent the way animals are filmed in the wild...Read more



Enabling scalable and affordable ATM connectivity in emerging markets
Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) require reliable and secure IP connectivity. Traditionally, where terrestrial infrastructure is unavailable,...Read more



Cyclists track their way across a vast expanse of desert with the help of Thuraya satphones
For his latest expedition across Rub' al Khali, Lebanese adventurer Maxime Chaya used the Thuraya XT-LITE satellite phones...Read more


Thuraya M2M terminal keeps water resources data flowing in real time from remote installations
Thanks to a collaboration between Thuraya and I-Real, satellite technology will soon be helping people to live and work in some of the driest places on earth...Read more


Thuraya teams with WiCis to stream real-time health data from wearable technology in the Himalayas
Thuraya’s work in wearables is just one aspect of its leadership in the development of satellite-connected devices...Read more


University of Michigan solar car team shine bright in World Solar Challenge with help from Thuraya
Thuraya partnered with the University of Michigan (UoM) solar car team for the WSC 2015, providing six Thuraya XT satellite phones... Read more


Thuraya assists Search and Rescue teams in effort to find victims and wreckage of Air Asia flight QZ 8501
Satellite Communications Solutions Play Key Role in Indonesian National Search & Rescue Agency Efforts to Find Air Asia QZ 8501... Read more


Thuraya teams with Sahara Conservation Fund to save endangered species
At 3am EST, Facebook users in North America see a post appear on the timeline of the Sahara Conservation Fund (SCF)... Read more


Establishing a reliable communications network for SOS Children's Villages in the Central African Republic 
Thuraya deployed vital communication links in the Central African Republic to connect SOS Children’s... Read more


Thuraya EnergyComms helps Shapadu keep Malaysian oilfields operating at peak performance 
Offshore contracting crews working in the harsh environment of the South Sea rely on Thuraya XT and IP for reliable communications. Read more


Thuraya EnergyComms provides Alkan and MCS with vital communication links to keep oilfield data flowing
When specialist oilfield services contractor MCS wanted to transmit video streams from its subsea pipeline inspection module to its clients, it turned to Thuraya service partner, Alkan Telecom. Read more


Thuraya and Devor Technologies beat the clock to bring reliable, high speed connection to offshore maritime operator
Thuraya MarineComms and Singapore-based service partner Devor Technologies recently joined forces to assist an offshore vessel operator in urgent need of a reliable communications solution. Read more


Documenting history as it happens
For Jenan Moussa, a roving reporter from the Dubai-based Al Aan television station, the gravity of the journalistic profession really hit home while covering the Syrian uprising. Read more



Connecting first responders during Typhoon Haiyan
When Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines on November 8, 2013, the Visayas region bore the brunt of one of the most powerful tropical cyclones ever recorded. Satellite technology served as the key enabler for first responders to communicate and deliver relief support to the survivors. Read more


Establishing communications to enable success and rescue missions
Thuraya partnered with its Indonesian service provider PT Mega Sarana Satelit to provide a comprehensive range of highly reliable mobile satellite solutions tailored to address Badan SAR Nasional’s immediate communication needs. Read more