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Keep up-to-date with Thuraya’s spokespeople as they share their perspectives and discuss trends in the mobile satellite world.

If you don’t know what to do, say something
​During the dotcom boom of the early 2000s, it was often said that, faced with a huge tide of technological change, it was arguably better to do something than do nothing and hope for the best....Read more

Digital shipping will mean harnessing communications, technology and data
With a speaker on every conference platform telling us shipping is ripe for technological disruption, the industry is arguably facing its biggest challenge since ...Read more

Change will come, but not unless we make it happen
Where is shipping today in terms of adopting digital technology? Thuraya's A/CCO Rashid Baba writes there is real value in some basic concepts such as greater automation with better communications, focused on...Read more


Satellite M2M, The IoT, And The Public Sector​
While organizations have been using connected devices and machine-to-machine (M2M) networks for a long time, the real potential of the IoT phenomenon has only been explored and universally attested recently...Read more

The Demand for Autonomous Ships
Keith Murray, Product Manager - Maritime at Thuraya, analyzes the knock-on effect of satellite communications technology on autonomous ships...Read more 

The Affordable Satellite Phone: No Longer a Contradiction of Terms
Alexander Lachner, Senior Product Manager, Voice Services at Thuraya, explores how 
the mobile satellite phone has evolved, in terms of affordability and...Read more 
Robert Demers

Governments Want Simplicity, Security and Reliability from Mobile Satellite Providers
Robert Demers, Senior Advisor at Thuraya, shares his view on how mobile satellite services need to be tailored to address the evolving needs of the military and government users...Read more

The Ebola Crisis in West Africa: Lessons Learned...
Joseph R. Francis, Regional Director of North America at Thuraya, examines the
key role of communications in facilitating disaster relief,and shares his thoughts on how organizations...Read more 
The satphone sheds the paradox​
When satellite phones debuted they offered a new, unparalleled opportunity to communicate  
across all corners of the globe. This was an exciting technological breakthrough, but only the few who could afford it...Read more 
Think Uber and Spotify, not Internet and e-mail, for maritime innovation​
Shipping needs a more radical mindset to grasp technology opportunities, claims Randy Roberts, vice-president of innovation at mobile satellite communications company Thuraya Telecommunications​......Read more 
10 benefits satellite communications brings to the IoT
The nascent Internet of Things (IoT) movement promises to deliver many kinds 
of new services enabled by the relentless shift towards the interconnected network of devices, as well set the stage for unleashing the next wave of disruptive technologies......Read more 
November 2014: Efficiency Powered by Intelligence
No matter how you look at it, satellite technology's impact on the machine-to-machine 
(M2M) market is palpable. The landscape for oil and gas companies has evolved to
a point...Read more
November 2014: Revving Up Disruptive Innovation in the Mobile Satellite Sector
When one thinks of disruptive innovation, the groundbreaking exploits
of tech companies such as Google come immediately to mind. Recently,
the advent of Google Glass has made wearable technology a reality for both...Read more
September 2014: How Satellite Will Fuel the Next Wave of Journalism
Without doubt, the rise of citizen journalism has transformed traditional means
of newsgathering and dissemination. A new breed of public citizens and independent
media are leveraging the latest advances... Read more
July 2014: 7 connected user trends to watch out for...
As consumers are purchasing more and more ‘smart’ devices; smartphones, tablets,
wearables and home devices, there is a greater expectation that full functionality must be achievable anywhere on the planet. Read more
May 2014: Can the Internet of Things (IoT) Survive without Satellite?
Satellite technology has a pivotal role in driving the growth momentum behind the Internet of Things (IoT) and unlocking the promise of interconnected devices.The nascent IoT movement
promises to drive the...Read more 
Randy C. Roberts May 2014: Not Your Father's Satellite
The rise of "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) over the past few years has
significantly transformed the world of mobile telecommunications. Consumers
today want to access more data applications with seamless transition
between networks...Read more
Robert Demers April 2014: Transforming Government Communications with Satellite
Whether it is an organization looking to establish field communications or requiring secure solutions for mission-critical operations, Thuraya is able to deliver robust Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) to address the evolving...Read more
Rashid Baba February 2014: Top Satellite Trends to Watch
As the Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace,
we look ahead to several emerging trends that have the potential to shape
new... Read more
December 2014: Making the Right Connection
Offshore communications powered by mobile satellite technology. Thuraya enables the
offshore engineering crews of Malaysia-based Shapadu to enjoy
reliable communications... Read more
September 2013: A Solution to Address Media Needs for Satellite Communications
Broadcast media doesn’t like coming in second. The demands of 24-hour rolling news,
as well as the emergence of new channels of communications and broadcast models
enabled by the internet and social media...Read more
Rashid Baba June 2013: A Guide to Successful Deployment of Satellite Broadband
The mobile communications sector has experienced rapid growth globally over the past
few years, with satellite operators promising to provide reliable broadband access,
attractive throughput rates...Read more