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Multipurpose satellite connectivity solutions for broadband, broadcast, government and commercial communications


Thuraya offers a diverse range of innovative and highly reliable maritime voice and data products. Our superior technologies and products, from broadband devices and terminals to highly reliable mobile satellite handsets, provide ease of use, value, quality and efficiency. Our maritime equipment, built by the world’s best manufacturers, can be installed on ships in just hours. This helps ship owners to reduce operational costs, while constant connectivity improves crew welfare.


Whether you’re an avid explorer about to embark on an expedition of a lifetime or an NGO volunteer moving from country to country, here at Thuraya, we’ve made it our mission to create innovative products and solutions to make your life easy and safe. A range of Google applications and services are preinstalled on the device, for example Gmail, Google Maps, Google Chrome, Google Search and the Google Play Store that gives you access to a multitude of available 3rd party apps.