• SMC Tracking
  • Optimized asset tracking

    SMC Tracking is a M2M/SCADA device used to collect information from remote locations and deliver it to users’ desktop using reliable and economic communications. The SMC solution also features additional capability that can be used for tracking of mobile assets and vehicles.

    Thuraya enables mobile asset tracking, monitoring and control which can be extended to locations where there is no terrestrial network coverage. This enables enterprises to ensure the safety and efficiency of their personnel and assets.

    The Thuraya Certified SMC Tracking System is a robust M2M solution that utilizes proprietary multi-processor architecture. SMC Tracking can also be fully-customized for M2M, data and communications solutions to suit various requirements.

    SMC Tracking Solution

    Monitor and control your assets in any location

    When installed in a vehicle, the sensors on the SMC Tracking device are used to collect information and send to a central location based on the details available. This solution offers a great way to remotely track assets and is used with narrow band services over Thuraya’s reliable global network.

    When used together with Thuraya, the M2M/SCADA – SMC Tracking solution provides an effective and easy way to track and monitor assets spread across the 159 countries within the coverage of the Thuraya network.