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We need your creative ideas to uncover new applications and devices to address a wide and expanding range of emerging markets. We’re looking to explore fresh opportunities across all of the following areas: HDR; connected cars; hotspots; ATM; aero; telemedicine; and banking. That’s an exciting list, and it is by no means exhaustive. Click here


Technology Explained
Satellite technology is evolving all the time. Added to this, there is a constant flurry of new trends to keep up with. At Thuraya, we are constantly striving to make satellite technology simple and easy to use. Start by taking a look at our video tutorials that help you get the most out of your Thuraya mobile satellite devices – or browse our short features to discover newer, practical ways of using them. Click here


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Looking for an answer to a Thuraya product question? Browse our online resources for answers. Knowledge Center is an ever-growing library of FAQs, user guides and concepts that provide in-depth insights into Thuraya’s satellite network as well as our voice and data products. Click here

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