Case Studies

Thuraya works closely with our service partners to understand the needs of our end-users and deliver business-critical solutions. For more information on our case studies, please follow the links below.

Thuraya and IEC Telecom provide vital satellite communication to protect the ecosystem of the Caspian Sea
Thuraya is helping to protect the unique and fragile ecosystem of the largest salt lake on Earth through its work with Kazakhstan Agency of Applied Ecology...Read more



Securing sustainable development goals in Nepal with real-time remote data
Thuraya and our partner, Constellation along with Real Time Solutions provide cost-effective and efficient real-time connectivity in hard-to-reach..Read more



Machine-learning via Thuraya satellite helps University of Michigan take runners-up spot at world solar event
Thuraya partnered with the University of Michigan (UoM) solar car team yet again for the WSC 2017, providing voice and broadband connectivity...Read more



Thuraya furthers expedition into Eurasian hinterlands
Thuraya provided communication support for Alexey Yakovlev’s explorations in the Russian Commonwealth, with a satellite broadband terminal and a satellite phone...Read more



Thuraya technology enables filmmaker capture the inside story of a pride of lions in Zambia
Martin Edström is on a mission to reinvent the way animals are filmed in the wild...Read more



Enabling scalable and affordable ATM connectivity in emerging markets
Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) require reliable and secure IP connectivity. Traditionally, where terrestrial infrastructure is unavailable,...Read more



Cyclists track their way across a vast expanse of desert with the help of Thuraya satphones
For his latest expedition across Rub' al Khali, Lebanese adventurer Maxime Chaya used the Thuraya XT-LITE satellite phones...Read more


Thuraya M2M terminal keeps water resources data flowing in real time from remote installations
Thanks to a collaboration between Thuraya and I-Real, satellite technology will soon be helping people to live and work in some of the driest places on earth...Read more


Thuraya teams with WiCis to stream real-time health data from wearable technology in the Himalayas
Thuraya’s work in wearables is just one aspect of its leadership in the development of satellite-connected devices...Read more


University of Michigan solar car team shine bright in World Solar Challenge with help from Thuraya
Thuraya partnered with the University of Michigan (UoM) solar car team for the WSC 2015, providing six Thuraya XT satellite phones... Read more


Thuraya assists Search and Rescue teams in effort to find victims and wreckage of Air Asia flight QZ 8501
Satellite Communications Solutions Play Key Role in Indonesian National Search & Rescue Agency Efforts to Find Air Asia QZ 8501... Read more


Thuraya teams with Sahara Conservation Fund to save endangered species
At 3am EST, Facebook users in North America see a post appear on the timeline of the Sahara Conservation Fund (SCF)... Read more


Establishing a reliable communications network for SOS Children's Villages in the Central African Republic 
Thuraya deployed vital communication links in the Central African Republic to connect SOS Children’s... Read more


Thuraya EnergyComms helps Shapadu keep Malaysian oilfields operating at peak performance 
Offshore contracting crews working in the harsh environment of the South Sea rely on Thuraya XT and IP for reliable communications. Read more


Thuraya EnergyComms provides Alkan and MCS with vital communication links to keep oilfield data flowing
When specialist oilfield services contractor MCS wanted to transmit video streams from its subsea pipeline inspection module to its clients, it turned to Thuraya service partner, Alkan Telecom. Read more


Thuraya and Devor Technologies beat the clock to bring reliable, high speed connection to offshore maritime operator
Thuraya MarineComms and Singapore-based service partner Devor Technologies recently joined forces to assist an offshore vessel operator in urgent need of a reliable communications solution. Read more


Documenting history as it happens
For Jenan Moussa, a roving reporter from the Dubai-based Al Aan television station, the gravity of the journalistic profession really hit home while covering the Syrian uprising. Read more



Connecting first responders during Typhoon Haiyan
When Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines on November 8, 2013, the Visayas region bore the brunt of one of the most powerful tropical cyclones ever recorded. Satellite technology served as the key enabler for first responders to communicate and deliver relief support to the survivors. Read more


Establishing communications to enable success and rescue missions
Thuraya partnered with its Indonesian service provider PT Mega Sarana Satelit to provide a comprehensive range of highly reliable mobile satellite solutions tailored to address Badan SAR Nasional’s immediate communication needs. Read more

Sanford Jewett

Enhancing crew management with IT & creating onboard efficiencies

Doing more with more

Maritime communications is experiencing an evolution that is connecting more users to more data and services. This evolution has two main aspects – business communications and crew connectivity.

Owners are increasingly recognising the increased value of human capital. Crew shortages come and go – what remains is the need for trained, competent, high quality crew. Better communications enables owners to better schedule, plan and manage their crew resources.

The use of ERP systems onboard ship to manage human resources – once a rarity – is becoming commonplace. Connecting to shore enables replication of databases on a daily basis. If you as an owner or manager are not getting the best out of your human resources, the question is why not?

Communications also has a crucial role in retaining the crew that you have worked so hard to train. Crew increasingly expect connectivity beyond simple email – with access to the internet and social media sites on the want list.

Delivering connectivity of this sort is becoming easier but it requires a dedicated approach from your communications provider and their service partners. Optimise the channel and you can provide internet access in a cost effective way and you can enable the kind of ‘bring your own device’ capability that we enjoy on land.

The next trend in terms of maritime communications is the potential of ‘big data’ for business communications. This data, harvested from the ship, the equipment and the crew and delivered ashore can drive operational efficiencies. Advances in connectivity are enabling onboard applications to capture and transmit a much broader range of data than before, replacing planned maintenance with predictive maintenance, delivering lifecycle analysis of critical components and providing near real-time operational data that can be fed back to shore to provide operations staff with regular information way beyond what they used to get with the ‘noon report’.

And there’s another dividend – this might be ‘big data’ but the throughput requirements can be small. Equipment and component manufacturers are enabling their systems to talk machine to machine or M2M, without the need to take up the crew’s time or lots f bandwidth. The data can be fed back to the manufacturer themselves for analysis and sharing with the owner.

Why does big data like this matter? First, fuel costs are high and will keep rising, especially if you ship is trading in an Emission Control Area, or ECA, so small percentage savings can make a difference. Data can also be used to monitor the performance of the hull form, propulsion system and energy saving devices that are fitted to existing tonnage.

M2M data is already used to monitor containers and track vessel positions – in future it is likely that compliance with regulation will in future be enabled by data – saving time and creating efficiencies by automating reducing paperwork. Class societies realise this – regulators do too – maybe owners need to get with the programme?

When the IMO secretary-general held a Symposium on the Future of Ship Safety ahead of the Maritime Safety Committee in 2013, there were three big takeaways: a greater focus on the human factor, the role of new technology and the importance of data. The next big safety initiatives at IMO are likely to be the first truly shaped by big data rather than a prescriptive approach to rule-making.

So the trend seems clear. We are not going to be doing less maritime communications in future we are going to be doing more - with more.

- Published in March 2014

T. Sanford Jewett
Vice President of Marketing and Head of Market Development for Maritime
Thuraya Telecommunications Company

Insights & Perspectives

Keep up-to-date with Thuraya’s spokespeople as they share their perspectives and discuss trends in the mobile satellite world.

If you don’t know what to do, say something
​During the dotcom boom of the early 2000s, it was often said that, faced with a huge tide of technological change, it was arguably better to do something than do nothing and hope for the best....Read more

Digital shipping will mean harnessing communications, technology and data
With a speaker on every conference platform telling us shipping is ripe for technological disruption, the industry is arguably facing its biggest challenge since ...Read more

Change will come, but not unless we make it happen
Where is shipping today in terms of adopting digital technology? Thuraya's A/CCO Rashid Baba writes there is real value in some basic concepts such as greater automation with better communications, focused on...Read more


Satellite M2M, The IoT, And The Public Sector​
While organizations have been using connected devices and machine-to-machine (M2M) networks for a long time, the real potential of the IoT phenomenon has only been explored and universally attested recently...Read more

The Demand for Autonomous Ships
Keith Murray, Product Manager - Maritime at Thuraya, analyzes the knock-on effect of satellite communications technology on autonomous ships...Read more 

The Affordable Satellite Phone: No Longer a Contradiction of Terms
Alexander Lachner, Senior Product Manager, Voice Services at Thuraya, explores how 
the mobile satellite phone has evolved, in terms of affordability and...Read more 
Robert Demers

Governments Want Simplicity, Security and Reliability from Mobile Satellite Providers
Robert Demers, Senior Advisor at Thuraya, shares his view on how mobile satellite services need to be tailored to address the evolving needs of the military and government users...Read more

The Ebola Crisis in West Africa: Lessons Learned...
Joseph R. Francis, Regional Director of North America at Thuraya, examines the
key role of communications in facilitating disaster relief,and shares his thoughts on how organizations...Read more 
The satphone sheds the paradox​
When satellite phones debuted they offered a new, unparalleled opportunity to communicate  
across all corners of the globe. This was an exciting technological breakthrough, but only the few who could afford it...Read more 
Think Uber and Spotify, not Internet and e-mail, for maritime innovation​
Shipping needs a more radical mindset to grasp technology opportunities, claims Randy Roberts, vice-president of innovation at mobile satellite communications company Thuraya Telecommunications​......Read more 
10 benefits satellite communications brings to the IoT
The nascent Internet of Things (IoT) movement promises to deliver many kinds 
of new services enabled by the relentless shift towards the interconnected network of devices, as well set the stage for unleashing the next wave of disruptive technologies......Read more 
November 2014: Efficiency Powered by Intelligence
No matter how you look at it, satellite technology's impact on the machine-to-machine 
(M2M) market is palpable. The landscape for oil and gas companies has evolved to
a point...Read more
November 2014: Revving Up Disruptive Innovation in the Mobile Satellite Sector
When one thinks of disruptive innovation, the groundbreaking exploits
of tech companies such as Google come immediately to mind. Recently,
the advent of Google Glass has made wearable technology a reality for both...Read more
September 2014: How Satellite Will Fuel the Next Wave of Journalism
Without doubt, the rise of citizen journalism has transformed traditional means
of newsgathering and dissemination. A new breed of public citizens and independent
media are leveraging the latest advances... Read more
July 2014: 7 connected user trends to watch out for...
As consumers are purchasing more and more ‘smart’ devices; smartphones, tablets,
wearables and home devices, there is a greater expectation that full functionality must be achievable anywhere on the planet. Read more
May 2014: Can the Internet of Things (IoT) Survive without Satellite?
Satellite technology has a pivotal role in driving the growth momentum behind the Internet of Things (IoT) and unlocking the promise of interconnected devices.The nascent IoT movement
promises to drive the...Read more 
Randy C. Roberts May 2014: Not Your Father's Satellite
The rise of "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) over the past few years has
significantly transformed the world of mobile telecommunications. Consumers
today want to access more data applications with seamless transition
between networks...Read more
Robert Demers April 2014: Transforming Government Communications with Satellite
Whether it is an organization looking to establish field communications or requiring secure solutions for mission-critical operations, Thuraya is able to deliver robust Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) to address the evolving...Read more
Rashid Baba February 2014: Top Satellite Trends to Watch
As the Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace,
we look ahead to several emerging trends that have the potential to shape
new... Read more
December 2014: Making the Right Connection
Offshore communications powered by mobile satellite technology. Thuraya enables the
offshore engineering crews of Malaysia-based Shapadu to enjoy
reliable communications... Read more
September 2013: A Solution to Address Media Needs for Satellite Communications
Broadcast media doesn’t like coming in second. The demands of 24-hour rolling news,
as well as the emergence of new channels of communications and broadcast models
enabled by the internet and social media...Read more
Rashid Baba June 2013: A Guide to Successful Deployment of Satellite Broadband
The mobile communications sector has experienced rapid growth globally over the past
few years, with satellite operators promising to provide reliable broadband access,
attractive throughput rates...Read more 




Meet Thuraya @ SATELLITE 2014, March 10-13

Pioneering / Disrupting / Innovating Mobile Satellite Services

Thuraya invites you to join us at SATELLITE 2014 at booth #7087 at Walter E. Washington Convention Center, where we will be exhibiting with our partners, TrustComm and SRT Wireless. At the booth, you will be able to speak with our executives as well as learn more about how we’ve pioneered BYOD for the satellite industry with our game-changing Thuraya SatSleeve. Find out about our new broadband terminals for land, vehicles and sea including: the Thuraya IP+, IP Voyager and Orion IP broadband terminals. Learn about our ambitions on how we’re innovating the mobile satellite industry.

Thuraya’s spokespeople will be speaking at several exciting industry panels at the conference. To ensure that you do not miss out on these great speakers and topics, below is their speaking schedule or visit the conference website for more details.:



Speaking Session


Tue, March 11
3:00pm – 4:15pm

T. Sanford Jewett
Vice President, Marketing

MSUA-11: Maritime Broadband: Competing for Customers

Room 140A

Wed, March 12
8:30am – 10:00am

Samer Halawi
Chief Executive Officer

MSS CEOs: Routes to Success with New Satellites, Services and Spectrum

Room 202

Wed, March 12
3:15 pm – 4:30pm

Randy Roberts,
Vice President, Innovation

MSUA-11: Advances in Mobility Solutions: New Antennas and Terminals

Room 140A

Wed, March 12
3:15 pm – 4:30pm

John Huddle
Head of Media & Broadcast

Satellite Newsgathering – Improving the Quality Out in the Field

Room 209AB

Wed, March 12
4:45 pm – 5:45pm

Bilal El Hamoui, Vice President of Distribution

MSUA-11: Handheld MSS: Innovative Solutions to Drive Renewed Market Growth

Room 140A

Other events that we are attending or hosting include:


Event Description


Tue, March 11
12:00pm – 1:30pm

MSUA Luncheon including presentation of MSUA Innovator Award 2014 – Thuraya SatSleeve

Room 146B

Wed, March 12
7:00 pm – 9:30pm

Satellite industry Reception *By invitation only

UAE Embassy

To schedule a meeting with the Thuraya team or to learn more about us, please email us at

We look forward to seeing you at Satellite 2014!

Location: Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Mount Vernon Place Northwest, Washington, DC

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Recharge your Thuraya airtime with Western Union

Thuraya customers can now top-up Thuraya prepaid SIMs at any Western Union® Quick PaySM service

Need to top-up your Thuraya pre-paid SIM? Simply head to a Western Union® Quick PaySM outlet near you! The Western Union® Quick PaySM service is available at over 220,000 participating Western Union agent locations across 200+ countries and territories. With Western Union, Thuraya customers can now recharge pre-paid voice SIMs at no extra fee. Furthermore, family, friends and colleagues can also add pre-paid credit on behalf of a Thuraya user traveling abroad. Visit Western Union website to look up an outlet nearest you. Select country and check the Quick Pay box.

Here’s a quick guide to topping up your prepaid Thuraya SIMs:

  • Visit a participating Western Union Quick Pay agent location
  • Fill in the Quick Pay Form with the following mandatory details:
    • Company name:  Thuraya
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    • Amount: Amount to be Refilled in USD

  • Your account will be validated at the time of transaction. Deactivated or postpaid or invalid numbers will receive an “Invalid Account” indication.
  • Please note that the minimum refill amount is US$20. While there are no transaction fees for this service, local taxes in the region may still apply.
  • Western Union will provide a unique MTCN number for every Transaction. You will receive a confirmation SMS once your transaction is successful.

For any enquiries on the Western Union® Quick PaySM service, please contact Thuraya Customer Care at +88216 100 100 or email A member of our team will be contacting you to provide further information and guidance.

Thuraya EnergyComms

We are participating in ADIPEC 2013!

Join us at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, UAE from Nov 10 – 13

Join Thuraya at ADIPEC 2013, the largest gas and oil event in the Middle East. Held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, the event showcases the emerging trends, new products and solutions as well as cutting-edge technology from the leading companies in the region.

Thuraya is proud to be part of the exhibition with our service partners Cygnus Telecom at Booth #4CN112, Hall 4 and IEC Safa Telecom at Booth #410, Hall 4. You will be able to see suite of Thuraya’s solutions, including the latest Thuraya SatSleeve which transforms the iPhone into a satellite smartphone and our latest broadband terminal, the Thuraya IP+ which provides critical communications in the field.

To secure a meeting with the Thuraya team or to learn more about us, please email us at

We look forward to seeing you at ADIPEC 2013!

Locate Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC)

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Thuraya at GITEX Technology Week 2013

Thuraya @ GITEX Technology Week 2013

Join us at Booth Z-D10, Za’abeel Hall, Dubai World Trade Centre

This October, join Thuraya at GITEX Technology Week, the annual ICT event that hosts attendees from the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, the event showcases the emerging trends, new products and solutions as well as cutting-edge technology from the leading companies in the region.

Thuraya is proud to be part of the exhibition and invites you to join us at Booth Z-D10 in Za’abeel Hall. We will be showcasing a suite of Thuraya’s solutions, including the latest Thuraya SatSleeve which transforms the iPhone into a satellite smartphone and our latest broadband terminal, the Thuraya IP+ which provides critical communications in the field.

To secure a meeting with the Thuraya team or to learn more about us, please email us at

We look forward to seeing you at Booth Z-D10 in Za’abeel Hall soon!


Thuraya SatSleeve


スマートフォンと衛星電話の完璧な融合。Thuraya SatSleeveは衛星通信をあなたのiPhoneにもたらします。業界初のThuraya SatSleeveは、衛星通信モードを使用して、159カ国をカバーするThurayaのネットワークで通話、メール、インスタントメッセージ、人気のソーシャルメディアアプリへのアクセスを提供します。 

特長 | ファームウェア  |  ビデオ |  パンフレット | ファクトシート

Meet Us @ DSEI 2013

Booth N3-426, DSEI, ExCeL London

The world’s largest, fully integrated defense and security exhibition, DSEI will be held in ExCeL, London this year. Held once every two years, the event provides unrivalled access to key markets across the globe. DSEI brings together defense professionals from land, air, naval, security as well as medical and disaster relief organizations in one critical platform where ideas are exchanged and new opportunities are sought.

Thuraya is proud to be part of the exhibition at Booth N3-426 and would like to invite you to join us at this key event.  We will be showcasing a suite of Thuraya’s solutions for DefenseComms, including the latest Thuraya SatSleeve which transforms the iPhone into a satellite smartphone and our latest broadband terminal, the Thuraya IP+ which provide critical communications in the field.

To secure a meeting with the Thuraya team or to learn more about us, please email us at

We look forward to seeing you at Booth N3-426, at DSEI in ExCeL, London!

Locate ExCel London

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Thuraya at IBC

Going beyond breaking news @ IBC 2013

Thuraya / Astrium, Hall 2, Booth 2.C23, RAI, Amsterdam

The advent of citizen journalism has changed the way we consume information. Today, the media industry has gone beyond simply breaking and sharing news. Content creation, management and delivery of electronic media and entertainment have pushed the media landscape far beyond its traditional boundaries of broadcast and print media.

Join us at Hall 2, Booth 2.C23, where Thuraya and Astrium will be driving the conversation to take MediaComms to the next level with our suite of products and solutions including the Thuraya SatSleeve which transforms the iPhone into a satellite smartphone and our latest broadband terminal, the Thuraya IP+ which provide critical communications for journalists in the field.

At IBC2013 in September, more than 50,000 professionals from over 160 countries will convene at the RAI in Amsterdam, ready to challenge, direct and set the industry's course for the next level. Are you ready for it?

To secure a meeting with the Thuraya team or to learn more about us, please email us at

We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!

Locate RAI Amsterdam

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