Connected Cabins for Airborne Business Ease

VIPs can furnish their business jet with Aero for a superior office-in-the-sky experience. Aero’s compact hardware, easy installation features, support of multiple peripherals and asymmetric streaming capabilities make it an attractive and affordable option for busy businessmen who require fluid access to work while on the move.

Designed for seamless operation on low- to medium level flights and on both fixed- and rotary wing aircrafts, Aero is ideal for all kinds of business aviation jets and delivers uninterrupted coverage via Thuraya’s extensive L-band satellite network. Executives traveling around the world have secure phone, text, internet, email, VOIP, video conferencing, and video streaming access right from the comfort of their cabins. Their inflight experience is further optimized as they can use their own smartphones or laptops to check in with employees, negotiate business deals with partners or keep in touch with family and friends.

Fast Facts

  • High IP data speeds (both standard and streaming) for smooth and reliable airborne connectivity
  • Built-in video codecs for video and audio conferencing and real-time HD video streaming
  • Secure VPN for access to classified business documents and transactions



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