Superior aerial firefighting with Aero

For effective detection and fast action, firefighting across large areas often involves the use of aircrafts such as air tankers or water bombers. Thuraya Aero easily supports the necessary assets used in both fixed-wing aircrafts and helicopters for advanced success in operations such as aerial fire monitoring, wildfire control, and fire and rescue missions.

As Aero uses Thuraya’s L-band satellite technology, it ensures a steady transmission unaffected by altitude and weather conditions, and is perfectly suited for BLOS missions and aircrafts flying at low or medium levels. With capabilities such as full Internet access, bi-directional voice communication, video surveillance and conferencing, blue-force tracking and moving map applications, Aero enables aerial firefighters to maintain real-time contact, get instructions and coordinate with ground personnel, fire engines and command centers.

From first-response attacks to the extended management of widespread fires, Aero delivers operational efficiency and increased success in aerial firefighting missions.

Fast Facts

  • Equipped to sync seamlessly with aircrafts at low or medium levels, or on BLOS missions
  • Send live imagery to help patrol remote areas and protect inland resources from fires
  • Connect with multiple personnel at once to manage wildfires and establish firebreaks



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