Safeguard aquatic resources from the air

A healthy marine habitat plays a major role in contributing to a balanced ecosystem and in securing food sources, especially in developing economies. Aero’s advanced satellite communication system equips airborne operations with stewarding ocean resources by helping to effectively track protected species and fish stocks, manage biodiversity, and monitor commercial aquaculture and recreational fishing activities.

As Aero supports real-time HQ video streaming and bi-directional voice communication, flight personnel can seamlessly exchange voice and surveillance data with ground crew or multiple vessels at sea that are installed with Thuraya’s satellite terminals. Fisheries are protected and allowed to flourish in this way, as Aero plays a part in helping with the ocean’s ecosystem data collection, safeguarding the waters from illegal trawling activities, and with updating maritime policies and ensuring compliance.

Fast Facts

  • Fleet tracking and real-time HD video streaming for widescale operational success between air, land and sea
  • Patrol distant waters to protect endangered species and prevent trawling
  • Uninterrupted data exchange via satellite connectivity for the promotion of a healthy marine habitat, fisheries development and community welfare



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